The Latsos — an Award-Winning internationally classical piano duo formed by Giorgi Latso and Anna Fedorova-Latso with over 20 years of international experience - Europe, Asia, Russia, and USA in performing and teaching piano. 

 "...while hearing them one thinks, not of two pianist at two pianos, but of twenty fingers at a double keyboard controlled by a single mind “.  — International Chopin-Gesellschaft,  Vienna, Austria

                FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS: Start playing and reading music from day one!

Our Approach: 

Our lessons are arranged to explore the potential of each individual pupil and to challenge students in progressing to the next level. We strive to translate our performing experience into our versatile teaching approach and aim to introduce new repertoire and encourage students to find the meaning of music in their lives! As a teachers, we strive to deliver high-quality lessons that improve students' theoretical and practical skills, as well as build their sense of confidence and musical identity. We enjoy a vide range of piano playing, including contemporary and chamber music, and consider ourself a flexible teachers, who possesses enough experience to teach diverse piano-playing approaches and can adjust to varying musical demands. We also provide musical theory education, integrated into the instrument lesson or as a separate subject. We firmly believe in adapting our approach to suit the needs of each individual student and aim to make each lesson as enjoyable and productive as possible so that we can work together in achieving whatever goal a learner has in mind. 


Online learning is the most suitable method of learning because it reduces the travel time and it also helps to avoid the hindrance of group learning. Students can learn with individual attention which will help them to correct their mistakes soon and accurately. They can have more knowledge about international music. The student will be given assignments regularly to keep in touch with what they learn. The students should have their own keyboard or piano. They should also a laptop, mobile or tablet for conferencing.


Age: Children (7-12 years old) Teenagers (13-17 years old) Adults (18-64 years old) Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Duration: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes

The class is taught in: English, Russian, German, French, Georgian


Experience / Qualifications: 

Successfully trained students to play piano fluently via Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing applications. All the pieces, lessons and exercises are specially designed for various purposes and age groups. So, students can learn and focus on what they are interested in. For each of them, separate schedules will be prepared. They needn't follow one common syllabus. With this method of teaching, we have been constantly producing 100% satisfactory results in what the student aspires to learn.





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